Our Story
We connect you to a local Long Island based Direct Lender who offers a program that will fit your needs. Whether you are a first time home buyer with a minimum down payment, a seasoned home purchaser with perfect credit or someone who think their credit isn't good enough even though you work hard everyday, we will help you make a connection.

The big depository banks can not give you the attention you deserve. They have thousands of new clients each day. A direct lender will offer many more programs than a big depository bank will offer. A direct lenders only product is mortgages.

By working with a local direct lender you will see the same rates as the big banks along with unmatched customer interaction because they live in your back yard. They know your neighborhoods.

The Long Island based direct lenders we work with make their decisions right here on Long Island. No need for your mortgage application to bounce around all over the country. Your Long Island based direct lender can help take care of items that present themselves in person and with you if necessary.

The connection is the first step. Let us make it for you.

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